“When I see the fans having fun I can say, with no doubt, that we are the happiest people in the world.”

— Kazuki (Royz)

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Kazuki is leaving.


As most of you might heard the news, I have to say that I’m very sad about that Kazuki leaves. First I got angry, but when I heard WHY he is leaving, I could totally understand him.
His mom is very ill, he said there isn’t a cure for her. We all should be proud of him.
Because I went through…

because i still love it ♥.♥


Heidi. Concert was great!


Since this blog was used for my personal things, i’ll totally change this account to my personal blog.
I’m still roleplaying as Subaru from Royz (minor-subaru.tumblr.com), so I’d be happy if you’d follow my little cutie too.

my mun will cosplay me this month!~ the costum is nearly finished… first pictures here!

Thanks to all new followers ♥

i’ll try to be more active again, but my typist has much things to do. you can still write me *smiles*

I want a birthday cake for my party.. ㅠㅈ ㅠ

Happy Birthday my kitty!

Thank you honey

Happy Birthday Baru-tan!

Thank you so much! I’m old now ^ㅈ^


me cosplaying my love ♥

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(Source: royz-yade)